Hello, 2013!

New Orleans Christmas 2012-1753-4


Happy New Year!


I am very excited for 2013 and can’t wait to get started with projects and fun.


I am still working on uploading photos from Christmas break that I took in New Orleans (pelicans everywhere!) and of some furry little children posing nicely for Christmas.  What’s taking so long uploading them?  Well, the problem is that my faithful and trusty laptop that has survived four years with me so far is finally quitting on me.  The hard drive is full and it refuses to upload the majority of my pictures because there is no space.  I’m in the process of transfering all my files and pictures to a new computer and hoping that the new external hard drive arrives soon.  Luckily I already had most of my pictures backed up on discs, so the process isn’t too heartbreaking.


I’ve begun making my plans for 2013 regarding the website.  I have a list of themes to challenge my photography and I’m amassing links to tutorials, tips, and amazing photography on the web for everyone to enjoy.  I am also getting together a gang of incredible people,  photographers and not, to do guest posts on their work and/or passion.  Stay tuned, guys and dolls!




New Orleans Christmas 2012-1800-2


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