I love landscapes and I love viewing landscapes. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the idea of taking a vacation west and making a circle from here to SoCal and back, hitting up some national parks along the way. I would love to see the desert and get some landscape shots utilizing the sun in different ways. It would be also be cool to try out some stargazing shots, as most of these locales are free of pollution and urban light.

In that vein, I found this link earlier today of a photographer, Kevin Russ, who did the same thing (traveling the American West) and photographing it, but instead of using an SLR he used his iPhone and Instagram to shoot and display his images. It’s a fascinating idea, though I think I’ll stick with my camera if I do make the trip (I only recently joined Instagram anyway). You can follow him on Instagram as well. The link is here: I strongly encourage everyone to watch the short documentary in that link – it’s less than ten minutes. 🙂

Here is a link to creating “panographies,” or digital collages. I’ve seen these before and I’m sure others have to – I didn’t know they had a name though! The article cites being able to create these in Photoshop and Gimp, though I believe you can also do this through Google’s Picasa. I’ll definitely try it and post the results sometime. Here is the link:

And finally, not so much a tutorial but a helpful tip to make your landscape shots more interesting – add something in your shot to give the landscape “scale,” such as a person, animal, or some other object. Some examples of this are at the following link:

Here’s a to a great week ahead! 🙂



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